What's the best battery for a Sony Burano, FX6, or FX9 in 2024?


Ensuring uninterrupted shooting for camera professionals is key. For a Sony Burano, FX6/FX9, opt for a battery that allows continuous camera operation. In 2024, the PAG MPL99V V-Mount emerges as the top performer. Our expert Stefan Czich answers 3 questions about why the MPL99V reigns supreme.

Why opt for V-Mounts like the PAG MPL99V for the Sony Burano (in 2024), FX6, or FX9?

These cameras deliver peak performance when paired with V-Mount batteries (a converter may be required). With V-Mount batteries like the MPL99V, power interruptions during shoots are minimized. Their higher capacity enables extended operational times for larger professional cameras.

Why choose a linking battery such as the PAG MPL99V?

Linking batteries ensure continuous performance for devices like the Burano or FX6/FX9. The MPL99V facilitates seamless connectivity to multiple batteries, allowing for swift replacement by exchanging depleted ones with fully charged units. At just under 100Wh you can carry up to 20 batteries on passenger flights, then link for extended run times.

Why opt for an MPL battery?

The MPL series represents the pinnacle of battery technology, with the MPL99V standing out as the latest and lightest design from PAG. Featuring versatile outputs like D-tab and USB, it can power various accessories. Additionally, the MPL99V distinguishes itself as PAG's most eco-friendly battery, thanks to its sacrificial band design, enabling easy repair or replacement of parts in case of damage.

Choose sustainability with the PAG MPL99V and ensure uninterrupted performance for your Sony Burano, FX6, or FX9 cameras around the clock. Interested in a compelling offer? Don't hesitate to contact. Mail: stefan@aspectra.co.uk or call: +44 7768 565457.

For more information about the PAG MPL99V, click here.

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