Aspectra is honoured to support Wex at their first Pro-Video day at their new flagship store in Putney. This event will be held on 1st February 2024. Interested to get in touch?

Feel free to send a e-mail to:


Smaller lighter filming equipment

At Wex Pro Video Day, Stefan Czich, Sales Manager UK/Ireland will show a selection of camRade covers & cases including rainCovers for DLSRs & small camcorders. He will also demonstrate light-weight tripod systems from Camgear with their silky-smooth fluid heads. Czich says: “All the items selected are smaller lighter products suitable for use with DSLR to small camcorders, typically used by the pro-video customers that Wex are targeting at this event.”  TVLogic view-finder field monitors will be available to check your shots.

V-Mount charger easily fit

These will be powered by PAG mini-PAGlink batteries with the Micro-charger which is the ideal travel companion. Czich says: “The Micro-charger is a small V-mount charger that will easily fit into a camera bag or the palm of your hand.” The dimensions are (Charger Only): 73mm x 62mm x 31mm, weight 0.075Kg. “Compare that to the 2 position PL16 more typical of V-mount battery chargers, Or dimensions: Height: 75mm x 210mm x 190mm, weight 1.4Kg.” 

Despite its small size you can charge 200Wh overnight with the Micro-charger. The Micro-Charger has become a standard with many major broadcasters, concludes Czich.   

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