travelMate Series: 5 Essential Built-in Travel Hacks for a Great and Safe Journey

camRade recently introduced the new travelMate series. This series is created to accompany you on your adventures, wherever these may take you.  

Taking into account the challenges travellers face going on the road with a camera and accessories, the new line has 5 built-in smart features.


The smallest one of the three, the travelMate 360 is created to carry on board most airplanes and fits the overhead compartment. Its strong but lightweight padding allows this bag to carry cameras with a maximum length of 45 cm/ 17.7 inches.

Suited for professional cameras up to 52 cm/ 20.5 inches, is the travelMate Large. This is an ultra-strong wheeled bag with telescopic trolley handle, as well as a super comfortable backpack. The third bag of the new series is the travelMate XL. This bag provides extreme flexibility in safe transportation of your camera and extended accessory kits (with a maximum length of 75 cm/ 29.5 inches).

1. Wheels

Making travelling as easy as possible all the new bags in the series have wheels. The travelMate 360 has 4 rotating wheels and an extendable trolley handle. If room is limited, the rotating wheels with a 360° radius can be detached to minimize the outer measurements of the bag. The travelMate Large and XL both have an extendable trolley handle and 2 rugged wheels.

2. Backpack straps

For flexible transportation at any given moment, the two largest bags come with backpack straps. These padded straps and waist band will give you great carrying comfort and lumbar support. During travels the straps can be safely secured behind the hide away cover.

3. Led light

When you are searching for an item in your bag this feature will come in handy. Every bag is supplied with a complimentary LED light with motion sensor that lights up as soon as you open up the bag. This light comes in a transparent pouch with zipper, that allows you to place it anywhere inside the bag.

4. Removable dividers

One of the smart gimmicks added to these bags are the removable dividers. The soft-padded interior includes removable dividers with extra wide hook and loop fasteners for better adhesion to the fabric. This makes it easy to arrange the main compartment into sections to fit to your personal requirements. The straps on the side of the main compartment flap, prevent it from falling completely open.

5. Material

Carrying you camera and keeping your camera safe can be a challenge. With this challenge in mind the designer choose for water-resistant 1000 denier Cordura® exterior and YKK® zippers. The fabric is strong and has an excellent resistance to abrasion. The soft-padded interior offers protection against scratches.

With these 5 essentials built-in travel hacks we designed a comfortably balanced backpack. We kept the freedom of movement intact so you’ll have your hands free for the necessary activities to create the best shots ever.

Curious which bag suits your camera best? Take a look at the camRade website and find out!

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