Join us at the BSC Expo 2024 - Stand 421!

Experts from PAG, TVLogic and camRade will be there to help you with your most specific inquiries concerning their products. For example the new PAG Cinergy batteries will be demonstrated, as well the TVLogic LXM Series and the camRade securityCover.

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What's on display at our stand during the BSC Expo?


For years Aspectra has cooperated with battery manufacturer PAG. PAG intelligent linking batteries were designed to power Cine & broadcast cameras but will also power monitors, RF links & other 14V equipment on set. The ability to link batteries for more power & 24/7 operation means that you can still fly with compact flight safe power. The MPL-50Wh is suited to smaller, lighter applications & the MPL-99Wh will run a full-size camera. Both can be linked for longer run-times & higher capacity batteries are also available. PAG is a brand with a reputation for quality, reliability, longevity & innovation!


One of their special trademarks is their own brand camRade, high end camera protective bags and covers, for helping protect cameras on location against theft, water & weather conditions. The latest interesting camRade product is the rainCover Red, suitable for handheld camera work. But also easily to attach to a tripod, slider or any other camera support solution. Another new product is the securityCover, a top-tier solution, serving as both an anti-theft measure and a weather-resistant cover. Crafted from durable protective high quality black nylon with embedded steel wire mesh, which offers complete protection for your rigged camera system. To offer the complete solution, Aspectra also provides the new improved Camgear pedestals and tripods, carrying filming cameras up to 90 kg/199 lbs.


Worldwide, Aspectra is the first distributor of the very latest TVLogic LXM-180P and LXM-240P. These are bright and vivid 4K monitors. TVLogic is praised for their realistic impressions, shown by their monitors. No extra boosts, but the real look, allows effective quality assessment while and after recording.

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