Camgear is Proud to Announce its Breakthrough Elite 8 MINI System with 3S-FIX Mini tripod legs at NAB 2022.

Camgear Inc., a global leader in camera fluid heads & tripod systems, introduces a system that breaks the mould for tripod systems and is designed for use with mirrorless, DSLR and compact 4K camera systems.

Conventional tripod systems for lighter cameras have always been one of two things: either too light and flimsy to accomplish professional-level pan and tilt motions, or too big, heavy, and bulky so that they end up negating the advantages of small portable cameras in terms of ease of transport and speedy setup.

Camgear delivers a compact fluid head with advanced features and performance capabilities along with new tripod legs that are incredibly rigid, light, and quick to set up that they defy any valid comparison.

The Elite 8 MINI CF MS is an extremely lightweight tripod system whose sleek yet powerful Elite 8 head supports camera packages up to 10 kg / 22 pounds, with 10 steps of counterbalance and 4 steps of perfect fluid pan/tilt drag.


Introducing the 3S-FIX MINI quick locking mechanism

The breakthrough new 3S-FIX Mini single-leg locking tripod has to be seen and held to be believed. Its 30 kg / 66 pound capacity is unheard of for small compact tripod systems, giving the feel of almost being cast in stone.

Camgear’s expertise in innovation, product design and development, in combination with its strict quality control procedures, ensures exceptionally high-quality, high-performance products. Camgear’s fluid heads & tripod systems are renowned the world over for achieving smooth and precise drag movement, elegant ergonomic architecture, precise counterbalance systems and reliable performance.

Offering affordable, high-quality and reliable professional performance that is second to none are Camgear’s main goals. These goals have allowed the company to experience robust growth and it will keep striving to develop its expertise even further.

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