Alphatron EVF-035W-3G versus Sony PXW-FS7

Review from Ulrich Mors, Sony Independent Certified Expert (ICE)

We know every user has his own reason to love working with our products. That’s why we highly appreciate feedback and reviews from our (professional) users in the field.


Below you'll find an independent and extensive review made by Ulrich Mors, a professional cameraman and broadcast/film camera trainer for companies, universities and freelance professionals, from Germany. He is also a Sony Independent Certified Expert (ICE).

‘If a cameraman asks me today what to buy next, I would advise him not to buy the next cool LED light, but to invest into one viewfinder to be used on all cameras he is shooting with! If you once know the menus of the Alphatron, if you once know its colors and focussing/exposure features, you will profit from that on every shoot, with every camera!’ says Ulrich Mors.

This video is an illustrated report of Ulrich’s opinion on both the Sony PXW-FS7 viewfinder and our EVF-035W-3G viewfinder. It is spoken in German, however English subtitles have been added.

The whitepaper is available in both German and English. It just take a few minutes to read, and it will give you a clear overview of pros and cons of both products.

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