'In depth-knowledge, experience and a good sense of humour', Marketing Manager Remon de Groot

With a wide experience in online marketing, sales and marketing research in different companies he is going to contribute to our brand together with marketing creative Taco Jans.


Remon de Groot how did you get in touch with Aspectra?

“I got a call for a marketing manager position, which made me positively surprised. When I checked the website and prepared my application, I was convinced Aspectra/camRade and the broadcasting filming industry could be very interesting.”

Can you tell me more about your experience?

“As an editor/marketeer/copywriter I worked on a wide spectrum of projects: assurance companies, accountancy, construction and government. As a professional, I like to read all about a topic, never stop reading, and create content. Broadcast industries are new for me. That's surprising, because in private I am passionate about collecting movies and related books.”

How would you describe the broadcast industry?

"It is a very engaged industry, in fact a community where relations really matter. It's dedicated professionals with a huge sense of commitment are ingredients of a workfield that is very appealing to me.”

What do you like about working for Aspectra?

“The mission and vision as well the atmosphere in the office is great. I really like the in-depth knowledge and experience my colleagues have, and that’s combined with a good sense of humour”

How would you characterize Aspectra's position in the industry in 2023?

“We are a specialised company that consistently tunes into the market's demands and addresses them. After all, who wants to be a box seller if you can be a solution provider?”

What is the biggest goal you have in your role at Aspectra?

“In cooperation with Taco Jans we are going to launch the theft resistant and weatherproof securityCover. That's the start. For the future there is so much more to come. So, stay tuned. Same time, same channel.”

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