'Back in the game after 5 years', supply chain manager Edward Clarijs

Aspectra would like to introduce our new supply chain manager Edward Clarijs. He is a broadcasting veteran with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the broadcasting industry. Read more about our new colleague!


Edward Clarijs how did you get in touch with Aspectra?

“There was a vacancy with no name on it. But as soon as the text spoke about a company in Berkel-Rodenrijs ‘selling equipment for the broadcast and cinema-world' I knew it was Aspectra. Aspectra is a familiar name for almost 20 years. I knew them from back in the days when they were called Alphatron Broadcast Electronics. So, the vacancy sounded interesting to me.”

Can you tell me more about your experience?

“First I was self-employed in the market for 20 years with our family-company called ‘Video Bewerken’. Until 2018 ‘Video Bewerken’ served small broadcast companies, prosumers and rental companies. It's great to see a lot of them back as Aspectra customers. That's like being back in the game after 5 years. It feels a lot like coming home.”

How would you describe the broadcast industry?

“It’s very dynamic, I see a lot of innovation. That makes it also a very changing industry because of the broadcasters demands. For example: a format like Big Brother 20 years ago. That was very labour intensive. A lot of things now are done by automatic processors, like making clips audio levelling. That is mainly done automatically. Everything is more automated now. So, we need to find new products that fit into the slot for the customers' needs.”

What do you like about working for Aspectra?

“Since I started on July 3rd the atmosphere struck me straight away. I noticed that my colleagues all have a common goal, and we are all prepared to go do something extra when needed.”

How would you describe the role of Aspectra in the industry in 2023?

“Aspectra is a company that’s been in business for forty years and has a great portfolio of products like TVLogic, Camgear, PAG and off course our own brand camRade. So, I have high expectations. I think we are a very important distributor in the industry because our customers can rely on quick turnaround time on the orders. And off course our technical department is very knowledgeable and can help quickly, so customers save time and money. Last, but not least our product development is very important. Which means we can rapidly get new covers or bags to the market. That’s because of our great factory, who really work hard and fast.”

What is the biggest goal you have in your role at Aspectra?

“Our customers rely on Aspectra to have sufficient stock to fill the orders in the timely measure and support them with events when necessary. Be the trustworthy partner with experience in the industry for over 30 years. My goal is to optimise the supply chain for the reseller, camera operator and other party of tomorrow.”

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