A new era of camera protection has arrived

camRade has become an indispensable name in the professional broadcast and film industry. In its more than 20 years, the originally Dutch brand has produced and sold products such as camera bags and rain covers (wetsuits), and it has become the consolidated world leader in the field of camera protection for the professional market.

For camRade, the year 2022 will be marked by the launch of a new series of camera covers and rain covers for a wide range of applications.


Broadcast is alive and kicking

Despite the media landscape changing and large cameras being replaced by smaller camcorders, camRade continues to support the traditional and professional style of electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP). This is where camRade’s roots lie and what it is good at. After working intensively together with various broadcasters, rental companies, manufacturers and professional production crews, camRade is proud to introduce four new covers to the professional market.

New rainCovers for (live) production

The first in line is the rainCover ENG/EFP. It is a universal cover for a wide range of Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic URSA, Grass Valley, Hitachi, Ikegami, and JVC broadcast cameras. This rain protection cover is suitable for shoulder camera work but is also great while the camera is attached on a VCT-plate, tripod, pedestal, or any other camera support solution.

At the same time, the rainCover 1X1 has been developed, which is a universal rain cover that ensures that not only the camera but also the light source is protected when the shoot conditions change. The durability and unique features of the rainCover 1X1 will protect your investment in a way that plastic bags and other cheap covers cannot.

Reinvented “body armours” for Panasonic & Sony shoulder cameras

The camRade camSuit series was redesigned in late 2021. This series has been part of the camRade line-up since the beginning and has been very popular over the years. Although new models have been added in the recent years, the features and appearance of the camSuit have remained the same.

In order to remain at the forefront of what is popularly called the “camera body armour” market, camRade’s design team has developed the S1 and P2. They consist of two black camera covers, made of 1000D Cordura® fabric, covering the majority of the Panasonic and Sony shoulder cameras that are commonly used. The camCovers protect against scratches resulting from daily wear and tear, increase the lifespan of the camera body and ensure it remains in perfect condition. The built-in camRade rainProtector helps protect the camcorder whenever the weather turns, or dust is kicked up.

The camCover S1 is a replacement for the camRade Sony camSuits and has been designed and tested on the latest Sony PXW-line of shoulder cameras, including the PXW-X400, PXW-X500, PXW-Z450 and PXW-Z750 models. The S1 is also compatible with the older, but very commonly used PMW-320, PMW- 350, PMW-400 and PMW-500 cameras. In addition, based on the very few changes Sony has been making to outer camera bodies in recent years, it may also be the perfect cover for future generations of shoulder cameras. The S1’s new companion is the camCover P2, which has been reengineered for the latest Panasonic Shoulder-Mount Camera models AJ-CX4000 and AJ-PX5000.

Both the new rainCovers and the two new camCovers are now available at authorised camRade resellers worldwide. Other new camRade innovations will be announced at various times throughout 2022. Please locate and feel free to contact the closest reseller for more information about camRade.

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