One cover for a whole range of handheld video cameras

Handheld video cameras are rapidly replacing each other. Once you have your new piece of equipment today, the next model will be launched tomorrow. That is why we are slowly but surely moving away from the idea of making a custom cover for each camera.


One cover for a whole range of handheld video cameras

After working intensively together with various broadcasters, rental companies, manufacturers and professional production crews, camRade is proud to introduce one universal rain cover for the professional handheld camcorder user: the rainCover Handheld. With this one cover for larger handhelds, you no longer have to wait to protect your new video camera against the elements.

Reinvented to fit most Sony, Panasonic, Canon and JVC handheld camcorders

Nowadays handheld video cameras or camcorders are optimized for 4K/HD production and with live broadcasting capabilities. As the media landscape is changing and large cameras are being replaced by smaller handheld camcorders, camRade also progresses.

The rainCover Handheld is suitable for handheld camera work but is also great while your camera is attached on a tripod, pedestal, or any other camera support solution. Thanks to its 48 cm (18.9”) rubber strip, the rainCover fits correctly to fixed lenses and lens hoods. The strap supplied with a hook-and-loop fastener makes it possible to tighten the cover on the lens hood and still lets you operate the lens, due to its spacious design. Also, the simple, easy-on/ easy-off fit of the rainCover makes sure it can be deployed quickly!

You can find all key features, images and specifications on the camRade website.

The new rainCover Handheld is now available at authorised camRade resellers worldwide. Other new camRade innovations will be announced at various times throughout 2023.

Please locate and feel free to contact the closest reseller for more information about camRade.

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