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Zunow, based in the north of Japan, is a leading manufacturer of affordable high quality conversion lenses and filters for professional video cameras

With the current development surrounding 4K cameras and the stripping of these cameras of accessories and lenses supplied, the additional value is evident and the demand for good quality attachment lenses is growing fast.

With a complete range of wide angle, fish eye and tele converter lenses, for most popular camera from Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Canon, Zunow allows you to expand the possibilities of your camera and helps you deliver good work during your shoots.

Whether you’re shooting landscapes or working in tight areas, the wide angle lenses open up the scene and allows you to get more view into your frame, with minimal barrel distortion. The lenses can be used in virtually any shooting environment while preserving the highest quality images with exceptional sharpness. 

Fish eye lenses expand the view of the lens, providing a wide/eyed perspective that pulls the eye close to the center of the action.  Images appear convex with exaggerated angles and extreme barrel distortion. This makes them a favorite of extreme sports cinematographers.

A tele converter lens is an excellent way to extend the reach of your zoom. It attaches quickly to the front of the lens, shifting focal length range in the telephoto direction. It needs no exposure compensation and will add magnification onto your standard lens.

Aspectra is the world-wide distributor of Zunow products, Japan itself not included.