Compact, ultra-bright and extremely robust on-camera LED lights

Under the TRISTAR label we develop and manufacture compact on-camera light with surface mounted LED diodes (SMD technology). In 2015 we succesfully launched the TRISTAR 4 light, a compact, ultra-bright and virtually unbreakable on-camera LED light. Using the new LED technique with three light sources per diode instead of the usual one, this light creates an enormous light output. 

We know products in our field of work are often handled without the proper care. We saw an opportunity to create a sturdy lightweight product for the small to medium large production companies, schools and rental companies,  that would not easily break. After the TRISTAR 4, we launched the TRISTAR 2, which can easily be powerd by 4 AAA batteries. New addition to the range is the TRISTAR 6 Super-Bright Multi-Purpose Bi-color SMD LED light, which is ideal to use on any camera but can also substitute a 1x1 lightpanel to create a professional interview or studio set-up.

               Tristar6 tegel