Increasing demand for high quality conversion lenses

The new generation of 4K camcorders with fixed lenses is currently conquering the marketplace. However, optical limitations of these cameras create a demand for high quality conversion lenses, as they extend the functionality of the camera.

Zunow is a focal optics designer in Japan and has been around for more than 80 years. They have designed conversion lenses for Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon and Olympus. Rose-Anne Wiersma, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Aspectra - worldwide distributor of Zunow attachment lenses since 2009 - comments on this phenomenon; ‘We have not been very busy creating any buzz on these products the last couple of years, but the demand has been growing quite a bit. We see increasing views on social media and larger orders from our resellers around the globe. Especially for the wide angle conversion lenses’.

Good reasons to start working with a Wide Angle Conversion Lens

The focal length is the distance in millimeters from the optical center of the lens to the film or sensor when your lens is focused at infinity. In general, it can be stated that the shorter the focal length of the lens, the wider the field of view (FOV), and the more you'll be able to fit into your frame.
Using wide angle converters with your camera can bring you great advantages;

  1. It helps take in a large outdoor view that is too big to be captured by a normal lens
  2. It helps capture a tiny interior where you can’t move far enough back to show the complete picture.
  3. ‘Going wide’ on an image can help you create perspective and dynamics into your shots. By focusing on a specific object, using existing lines and playing with an interesting fore- or background you can present your subject into relation to its surroundings.

New wide angle conversion lens from Zunow

The WFK-95, suited for (4K) cameras such as the Panasonic AG-DVX200, has now been replaced by the successor WFK-95X. This new lens is made to also fit cameras with a 67mm filter thread such as the AG-UX90 and AG-UX180. High 4K resolution and multicoated glass elements make the lens a perfect match for these new 4K cameras, but can also be used on cameras such as the AG-160A/130A and AJ-PX270. To make your set-up complete use it with a rubber hood (HU-127) to protect your shots from unwanted flares. 

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