Part 1 Review: The NextoDI NPS-10, a superfast all-in-one on location backup hub

Time is scarce on shooting days. Fortunately, there are solutions such as the NPS-10 that can save a lot of your time. Curious about this backup device? Sander van Iersel shares his review in this article.

In my previous article I described the most underrated workflow in media production: the backup workflow. I explained why this workflow is often not working properly. The answer: time and effort. Resources which are scarce on shooting days. Fortunately, there are solutions such as the NPS-10. This device automates many steps in the backup process and ensures that some of your gear (and perhaps an extra crewmember) can stay at home.

First impressions
The NPS-10 is the size of a slightly thicker external HDD. Initially it reminded me of an old MP3 player with the small screen and the rotary knob on the side. But after a few test transfers I found out what a small powerhouse this backup hub actually is.

The NPS-10 allows you to copy multiple cards simultaneously at high speed (350MB /s). For example: copying two SD cards, one CFast and one microSD card to an internal disk, HDD or SSD. This ensures that the laptop can stay at home. The smart features in the software will make your backup process powerful and reliable during production.

To ensure that the NPS-10 can easily be transported, the device is equipped with a light metal housing (200g without SSD). Every unit comes with a rubber protection cover to help reduce the chance of damage during daily use.  

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Each of the sides have been utilized to allow as much IO to be available in such a small unit. For instance on top of the NPS-10 there is a slot for a CF, CFast or XQD/CFexpress memory card with a small protection cover.On the left side there is a control button and on the right side there is a microSD slot and two SD slots. These slots however do not have a protection cover, making them vulnerable for dust and other outdoor conditions.

At the bottom there is a USB slot for connecting a USB external drive or a USB memory card reader. Also at the bottom there is a USB Type-C slot, used to charge the product or connect to a computer (4000mAH, 2 hour usage time). You can also find a standard sized screw hole to attach the NPS-10 to your rigging.

A 2.5 ”HDD or SSD with SATA connection can be installed as internal storage by removing a screw from the back. The HHD/SSD is not standard included with the unit. When used with multiple SSD’s this could allow for an efficient change of storage units. Behind this backplate you can see the circuit of the NPS-10, something to keep in mind when shooting outdoors or non-favorable conditions.

The most important feature for me is the flexibility that this small unit allows. Using an SSD, the NPS-10 reaches a copy speed from 350Mb/s (this is approximately 100GB in 10 minutes at peak performance). This performance decreases with the use of an HHD, so you should choose you storage medium with care. The height of the speed depends on which medium source you use and which version of the NPS-10 you have. There are three versions: the XQD/CFexpress version, the CFast version and the CF version. Each of these options also have two SD slots, one microSD slot, one USB port and one USB-C port.

If you want know more about operating the NPS-10 and my pros and cons, read part two of my review coming next week!

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About the author: working as an editor and post-production assistant, Sander van Iersel has seen a lot of different sides of the media industry. He worked on projects for international tv such as National Geographic and he travelled through Africa, Iceland and the Himalayas as a time lapser and photographer. Currently he works with his crew as a director and producer making media formats about science and nature.

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