PAG previews new Mini PAGlink system at IBC

PAG is using IBC to preview its new Mini PAGlink system of smaller and lighter linking batteries, designed for smaller 4K+ cameras.

Mini PAGlink has all the benefits of established PAGlink technology, combined with a reduced form factor and increased durability. It comprises powerful and versatile 50Wh and 100Wh intelligent linking batteries and smaller battery mounts to match.
V-Mount and Gold Mount Mini PAGlink power systems will be available by the end of 2018.

The dimensions of PAG’s new batteries make them ideally suited to powering smaller 4K+ cameras, such as the Panasonic EVA1, Sony FS5 and FS7. They offer extended run-times and 12V outputs for accessories. Their compatibility with larger cameras and existing PAGlink chargers makes them versatile and economic to integrate. They are equally as effective for powering LED lights and director’s monitors.

Mini PAGlink gives you the ability to control the capacity and weight of your power source to suit the application. If you are shooting handheld with an EVA1, you can keep it light with just 1 or 2 batteries. If your Varicam set-up is tripod-mounted and includes multiple accessories, you can use 2 or 3 batteries to provide more current or a longer run-time.

The patented PAGlink digital technology allows any mix of 50 and 100Wh batteries, in any state-of-charge, to be linked. Their capacities can be accessed in combination, allowing a current draw of up to 12A. A battery can be added or hot-swapped to ensure that you capture that all-important moment. Sharing the current demand between batteries prolongs overall life and provides a better return on investment.

Unlike other ‘mini’ format batteries, Mini PAGlink offers intelligent linking for charge or discharge; a high-resolution run-time, capacity and data display; digital communication to display capacity in the VF/LCD; and user-configurable 12V outputs. PAG’s new mini battery case design includes a D-Tap and a 2A USB output. However, the USB can be swapped, by the user, for a Lemo or Hirose connector unit.

Mini PAGlink batteries can be charged individually or linked using existing PAGlink chargers. Up to 8 batteries can be charged simultaneously on each position. PAG also offers a low-cost, ultra-compact, Micro Charger, which is the ideal travel partner. Mini PAGlink batteries have been independently tested to UN standards and have a flight-friendly capacity; they are included in the personal device Li-Ion battery allowance of 20 units per person, when you fly.

The batteries are designed to withstand the toughest working conditions. The resilient, moulded case features a rubberised outer band for added protection and safer handling. The battery also features two bush inserts (1/4”) that enable the mounting of a handle or an accessory bracket to individual or linked batteries.

Mini PAGlink batteries are the first to feature PAG’s new modular design concept. Each battery comprises easy to replace modules that make servicing quicker and cheaper, whilst continuing to comply with UN standards.

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