PAG focuses on new Mini PAGlink batteries at NAB

PAG will be showing pre-production models of its new Mini PAGlink system of smaller, lighter, intelligent linking batteries at NAB 2019 on booth C7840 (Aspectra booth).

Designed to address the smaller 4K broadcast camcorder market (EVA1, FS5 etc), Mini PAGlink provides all the benefits of PAG’s battery linking technology in a more compact format. The 50Wh batteries incorporate the 12V D-Tap and 5V USB outputs broadcasters need. The USB can be swapped by the user for a Lemo, Hirose or another D-Tap. Mini PAGlink replaces the multitude of incompatible batteries and chargers that are currently required when broadcasters adopt smaller camcorders.

Unlike other ‘mini’ format batteries, Mini PAGlink offers intelligent linking. It enables you to control the capacity and weight of your power source to suit the application. If you are shooting handheld, you can keep it light with just 1 or 2 batteries, giving you up to 100Wh. If your set-up is tripod-mounted, and includes multiple accessories, you can use 3 or 4 batteries, up to 200Wh, to provide a longer run-time.

PAG will be taking orders at NAB for the new MPL50 Gold Mount Battery, Model 9351, with delivery expected at the end of Q2 2019. The V-Mount version, Model 9351V will be available later in the year.

Mini PAGlink MPL50 ReducedRed S

PAG will also show the new, enhanced version of its L90 Slim V-Mount Li-Ion battery. It now incorporates a built-in D-Tap output and an improved Run-Time, Capacity and Data display, which is brighter and easier to read in strong sunlight. These new features are incorporated in the PAG L90 Slim Battery Model 9307V from 1st March 2019.

L90 3 Sides S

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