New PAGlink 150Wh Batteries

PAG launched its new PL150 Series of PAGlink Intelligent Linking Batteries at NAB in April 2016.

The new Li-Ion batteries offer an increased capacity of 150Wh - 50% more than PL96 batteries - with no increase in size. PAG has used the latest high-capacity Li-Ion cells to create a 150Wh battery that is housed in the same case as the established 96Wh models, ensuring that PL150 batteries have the highest energy density of any Li-Ion battery of equivalent capacity brought to market.

The series comprises two V-Mount options: the PL150e features PAG’s now familiar 5- light Run-Time & Capacity indicator, while the PL150T incorporates the longestablished numeric Run-Time & Capacity display. These models will ship in Q3 of 2016, and will be followed by a Gold Mount version that features a numeric display and a high current-draw capability.

Every functional benefit of the PAGlink battery system is maintained with the new PL150 Series. Batteries can be linked to multiply capacity, from 150Wh to 300Wh with just two batteries, in this case. The current draw capability increases from 8A to 12A when V-Mount batteries are linked (from 10A to 12A for the Gold Mount option).

The new 150Wh batteries are ideal for applications where all-day power is required from fewer batteries, and when changing a battery or powering-down the camera is not an option. Alternatively, hot-swapping provides continuous power. The 150Wh batteries can be linked with the 96Wh versions for charge or discharge. Both are managed safely by the PAGlink intelligent technology. Batteries can be charged using any reputable Li-Ion charger. Reliability, durability and the highest safety standard are integral to the battery design and consistent across PAG’s whole range of Li-Ion batteries.

In keeping with the latest PAG-developed technology, the 150 batteries communicate automatically with multiple camera data systems and display remaining capacity in the camera viewfinder/LCD.

The PL150 Series has been tested by an independent authority to UN standards, in compliance with air transport safety regulations. A capacity above 100Wh but below 160Wh means that two units can per person be carried in cabin luggage, when you fly.

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