Meeting the next generation of Cinematographers on the BSC Expo

During this year’s BSC Expo, which is recognized to be a leading event in Europe for the film and TV production industry, we’re looking forward to connecting with filmmakers from all trades to learn about their experiences.

As an international distributor of professional camera accessories, Aspectra, offers a complete package of products for any camera operator in the business. From protective bags and covers, battery systems, tripods and fluid heads, broadcast and field monitors to LED lights, wireless transmission solutions and portable backup storage devices. We’re always looking for the best professional equipment.




This year Aspectra is showing products from PAG, UK based manufacturer of the PAGlink battery system. Together with a selection of their best powerhubs, chargers and complete battery systems in both Gold and V-mount, we’re showing their new MPL50 battery. This is a mini version of the intelligent linking battery system and is also compatible with the larger version batteries and chargers.

Showing a selection of their most popular tripod systems, Camgear Inc. will also be at the Aspectra booth. Camgear is a developer of high quality fluid heads and tripod systems. A modest selection of the latest Elite series with 3S-Fix Quick Lock tripods, is available for testing.

he new patented 3S-FIX system turns setting up and levelling from a pain into a joy




For any kind of weather and under any kind of circumstances, camRade designed a suitable solution for the protection of your camera and other film and AV-equipment. camRade has a wide range of camera carrying bags, wheeled bags, backpacks, lighting bags, tripod bag and accessory bags.

Besides the complete bag collection, camRade also offers tailor-made camera covers created to accompany you on your adventures, wherever these may take you.


A selection of camRades is available to be tried and tested on the spot.


At the BSC Expo we also showcase a number of TVLogic’s latest high performance monitors. With their wide range of post-production and field monitors they empower professionals in the broadcast and cinema industry. 




With extensive experience in video processing and best-in-class picture quality, TVLogic can give you personal advice at the booth.


Also shown at the stand; the IS-mini 4K. The IS-mini 4K makes color space conversion easy. Do you want to show what an S-log3 signal will look like in HLG? The IS-mini 4k will make that possible. There is also an HDMI 2.0 output available to connect to 4k consumer TV sets and it can handle custom LUT’s.

Another great piece of equipment on display, is the NextoDI NPS-10 backup portable storage device. With the build in X-Copy technology you can minimize you copying time significantly. For an easy, safe and fast backup, check out the device at the show.




The built-in fans turn off automatically during camera activity to guarantee no noise disturbance while shooting.


There will also be a demonstration of wireless transmission solutions of our new partner Crystal Video Wireless (CVW). These long distance wireless transmitters provide you with zero latency and uncompressed transmission. Come to the booth to learn all about the great advantages of these solutions!


Discover more of our top brands at Booth 619 at the BSC Expo 2020! 

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