Crystal clear video quality with the ultra-fast CVW wireless video transmitters

Uncompressed transmission ensures you can transmit your footage with the best possible quality. Crystal Video Wireless (CVW) has developed its unique and cutting edge technology and used this for their Pro-Series.

Established in 2010, Crystal video Wireless (CVW) has invested heavily in developing and manufacturing state of the art wireless video systems. Over the years, CVW has developed its unique and cutting edge technology in various markets such as professional video production, medical, education and many others. Their long distance wireless transmitters provide you with pristine video quality.


Fast uncompressed transmission
The Pro-Series consisting of: the Pro 200 kit, the Pro 300Plus kit, the Pro 800 kit and the Pro 800Plus kit are designed to transmit your video footage in real time, without latency. This makes it an ideal solution for live broadcasting. The uncompressed transmission ensures you can transmit your footage with the best possible quality.

The video transmitting ranges vary from 200 metres (655ft) with the Pro 200 kit, up to 800 metres (2625ft) with the Pro 800 kit & Pro 800Plus kit.



Compatibility & portability 
The wireless video transmitters all have plugins for HDMI, SDI, DC and mini USB. There is also an option for a V-mount connection. With the tough yet lightweight design, the transmitters are easy to take with you, everywhere you want.


Smart cooling fans & advanced options
One of the outstanding features is the built-in fan. This smart fan, protecting the device against overheating, turns off automatically during camera activity to guarantee noise free shooting.

The Pro 800Plus kit is equipped with some advanced options like an intercom and tally. There is an audio in/output, MIC input and a tally in/output.




Complete solution
CVW offers complete solutions, everything combined in one kit. Every kit comes with a hardcase so you can store your transmitter solution, cables, antennas and adapters all in one place. The Pro-Series seamlessly integrates with all popular professional cameras. To attach the wireless transmitter/receiver easily to your camera, every kit has a hot shoe stand and an optional V-mount plate.

CVW's products work in multiple frequency bands ranging from hundreds of MHz to 60GHz using the best in class protocols. The company is committed to continue to develop and manufacture the best possible wireless products to the benefit of their customers.

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