Covering the distance with Crystal Video Wireless

As social distancing has become part of our daily life since the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, we’re all required to learn more about covering distances and staying connected. 

Probably more than we’d care to, but our situation has changed. We need to be flexible and look for solutions and opportunities.

Fortunately, people are resilient and resourceful, and we are all in this together. Like many of you, we are looking for possibilities and trying to imagine how our business will take its form in the near future.

In this context of social distancing, we already have a good solution available from our partner Crystal Video Wireless (CVW). They offer crystal clear video transmission with zero latency with their Pro Series. This way you can keep a safe distance between yourselves, while being able to transfer real time HD video signals from one transmitter to several receivers at once.


The Pro Series is available in four kits complete with transmitter, receiver, antennas, cables and more. The video transmitting ranges vary from 200 meters (655ft) with the Pro 200 kit, up to 800 meters (2625ft) with the Pro 800 kit & Pro 800Plus kit. The kit is also available in a 300 metre range with the Pro 300Plus.

The wireless video transmitters all have plugins for HDMI, SDI, DC and mini USB. There is also an option for a V-mount connection. With the tough yet lightweight design, the units are easy to take with you, everywhere you want and are ideal for live broadcasting.

One of the many outstanding features is the built-in fan. This smart fan, protecting the device against overheating, turns off automatically during camera activity to guarantee noise free shooting.

Let’s be honest, when you are able to go out and do your job, you want to do it in the safest possible way and with the best possible result. Check our website for more information and find out how these kits can help you improve your workflow!

Stay safe!



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