camRade reveals protection covers for the Sony PMW-300

Before the camera could even start rolling, the camRade wetSuit and desertSuit for the PMW-300 are already shipping!

camRade launches the first possibility to protect the new Sony camera from dust, sun, water and rain. The camRade wetsuit PMW 300 is a waterproof raincover that has noiseless cotton interior fabric, making sure that no unwanted sounds occur while shooting.

The raincover has zippered closures on the underside, enabling the cameraman to quickly remove the camera from or put the camera on a tripod or rig. But that’s not the only thing this smart designed wetsuit offers; a zippered closure on the back offers access to the camera’s integrated shoulder pad and velcro closures on top offer access to the handgrip. Operating the camera is made easy by the vinyl windows on the raincover.

The desertSuit is made of a white, noiseless, reflecting material that helps prevent overheating of the camera in scorching heat and keeps out dust and sand.

For optimal protection while transporting your PMW-300, camRade offers the camBag Combo. This bag, made of 100% Cordura fabric, enables the cameraman to transport the camera and its accessories with optimum protection.

Find all camRade products related to the PMW-300 on camRade's website.

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