Professional tools for ENG, DSLR & HDV cameras

TRIAD offers a quality range of V-mount plates and quick-release tripod adapters, made in Japan. These plates are characterized by the lightweight and durable design. They allow fast switch from tripod to handheld use and are easy to attach and detach without using tools. 

The  TRIAD VPA-10L is a mini V-mount camera adapter plate which can be used for compact cameras which do not include a V-mount wedge plate as a standard. It offers an easy way to switch your camera from tripod to handheld. It works great in combination with the TRIAD VTA-7D or VTA-14 tripodplate, but is also compatible with the Sony VCT-14, Panasonic SHAN-TM700 and JVC KA-551 plates. This is also the case for the larger VPA-14 plate which offers a more robust solution for larger and heavier cameras.

 The TRIAD products are distibuted by Aspectra, worldwide.



VTA 7   VTA 14   


VPA 10    VPA 14