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For more than 14 years NextoDI has focused on solving data backup problems for professionals in the field. With an emphasis on a high ease of use combined with the newest technologies, NextoDI contributes to an easy and effective workflow.


The portable backup solution, the NPS-10 is designed for an easysafe and fast backup. The units are lightweight and small-sized to fit in the palm of your hand. With the NPS-10 you can copy memory cards simultaneously to internal and external drives. This minimizes copying time and gives you 100% data safety.

X-Copy technology

NextoDI has the fastest backup speed in the world. One of the reasons is the patent X-Copy technology. The X-Copy technology reads the data while writing it to the hard drive, where other devices execute these steps consecutively.

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Backup speed up to 130 MB/s
using SSD.

Backup speed up to 320MB/s
using SSD.

Fastest backup speed up to 350MB/s
using SSD.

”I can actually walk around with a NPS-10 in my pocket, backing up my cards while I am walking to the next location. So it happens really fast, securely and it means I don’t need as many expensive XQD cards...

It’s small and lightweight so it doesn’t take up much space, there is an internal battery so it’s really quick to recharge...”

Alister Chapman

Alister Chapman
Freelance TV cameraman, Director of Photography and Digital Imaging Technician.

Cinema5D: NextoDI NPS-10 - Portable Backup Solution

An insightful interview with Johnnie Behiri and Stefan Czich about the NPS-10, a superfast all-in-one on location backup hub. Watch the interview to find out more about the 3 different models, the ultra-fast coping of memory cards and other key highlights of the NPS-10.

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