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Since 2010, Crystal video Wireless (CVW) has applied itself to developing and manufacturing state of the art wireless HD video systems for various applications and markets such as: outdoor sports, education, commercial and TV production industry.

Fast uncompressed transmission

The transmitters are designed to transmit your video footage in real time, without latency, making it an ideal solution for live broadcasting. The uncompressed transmission ensures you can transmit your footage with the best possible quality.

Smart cooling fans

One of the outstanding features is the built-in fan. This smart fan, protecting the device against overheating, turns off automatically during camera activity to guarantee noise free shooting.

Complete solution

CVW offers complete solutions, everything combined in one kit. Every kit comes with a hardcase, so you can store your transmitter and receiver, cables, antennas and power adapters all in one place. The Pro-Series seamlessly integrates with all popular professional cameras.

Pro 200 KIT

Transmission range 200 metres/ 655 feet
Strong anti-jamming capabilty, safe for indoor and outdoor events
Supports manual setting for frequency

Pro 300Plus KIT

Transmission range 300 metres/ 985 feet
Supports broadcast from 1 transmitter to multiple receivers
LEMO socket for more stable power supply

Pro 800 KIT

Transmission range 800 metres/ 2625 feet
Supports multi-channel-switch and 1 transmitter to multiple receivers
Easy Plug & Play installation - no software required

Pro 800Plus KIT

Transmission range 800 metres/ 2625 feet
Tally and realtime wireless intercom function
Supports HDMI/SDI interface

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