A way with words

CueScript is a prompting company with the personal touch. With design for purpose, ingenuity and quality at the forefront, the CueScript team have developed a range of exciting products. Understanding the needs of the customer and listening to the end user are sometimes forgotten. CueScript invites free thinking and want to push boundaries and has the drive and ability to promptly react to ideas or requests.

Providing the feature set in one complete autocue teleprompter system has been fundamental in their approach to the design. 

CueScript prompter monitors include integrated mounting for easy set-up. They have a sleek, low profile design that not only looks good, but is robust and durable. Low energy consumption and 3 modes of power start up mean that no fans are required. Presenters will see the difference in CueScript’s range of prompters with high resolution LED screens. Built in LED Cue lights have been taken to the next level, offering adjustable brightness and 180 degree viewing with a wrap-around design. The benefits of this simple yet hugely effective design will be noticed by all production teams and talent.

Aspectra is the CueScript distributor the Benelux and a large part of the Middle-Eastern region (Gulf states: UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan)